Determining Your Initial Google Ads Budget

Jeewan Garg gives a befitting example that would resolve several queries related to your PPC or Google Ads budget.

In the above video, you can see Jeewan Garg – Google Adwords Expert and the founder of Jeewangarg.com, speaking on the topic ‘Determining Your Initial Google Ads Budget’! He has presented this video after receiving several queries on what is the cost of Google Ads? What would be the cost of Google Ads? My budget is 15-20 thousand, will it be sufficient or not? Whether we should spend more like Lakhs to get more customers, etc., many other questions!

Jeewan Garg gives a befitting example that would resolve several queries related to your PPC or Google Ads budget.

Suppose a customer’s budget is INR 20000 and has his services extended to India’s entire state and cities. Whether he should target all the cities and states in India with a budget of 20000 thousand rupees?
The answer to this question is no. Do not target all the states and cities in India on the first go.

To simplify this, the wholesome budget of INR 20000 (Jeewan Garg) would suggest targeting only a city or a state at a time. First, target only Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore, only a city.

Let us assume the client has targeted only Delhi first. Then after someday or, let us say, a month, the client should check his ‘impression share’ on ‘Google Ads Interface’. Now everyone might have a question about what Impression Share is’ Jeewan Garg has added that we will talk about this in his new video.
In ‘Google Ads Interface,’ one should check whether his ‘Impression Share’ is more than 80% or not. If the Impression Share is Less Than 80%, then the Budget of 20000 is considered Less.

However, that is not the end. The client here can target his services or product pin code wise. Like the customer is targeting Delhi. The capital city of India is big, so; the client can choose a few pin codes among the many where he feels his potential customers or users might be falling in those particular regions.
In this way, the customer gains his ‘Impression Share’ up to 80% or above. Then the client should look to target Delhi with the same budget of INR 20000.

Now another Scenario comes here into play and i.e. Watch Our YouTube Video.
If the budget is 20000 and his impressions are also above 80% to 85%, his budget is not completely consumed. This is also very much possible. In this case, the remaining part of the budget can be consumed for some different cities.

However, if his budget of 20000 is getting consumed and his impression share is also above 80% to 85%. Then he should not think of targeting other cities. So, now, he can decide that he is getting good queries, and a little increase in the budget will permit him to target the next city on his list.

Lastly, I would say that everything should be aligned in a step by step formulation. Don’t go for everything on the first go.

However, if you still have some issues or confusion, please call us at 9350809090.

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